About this course

Discover the secrets of English pronunciation in this unique course for non-native English speakers and advanced English learners.

  • Course Overview

    In this 5-session, practice-based course, you will participate in a series of brain-based English pronunciation exercises that will help you build a new and powerful awareness of the sounds and rhythms of English.

  • Who should take this course?

    This course is for non-native English-speaking teachers and learners of English with high-intermediate or advanced English vocabulary and grammar.

  • Who teaches this course?

    Jennifer Campion and Karen Taylor teach with a dedicated team of Level 2 Color Vowel Pronunciation Coaches. For you, the participant, this means that you receive LOTS of attention and personalized pronunciation feedback both during the live sessions and in response to your homework video tasks.

Meeting dates and times
(Summer Session)

Fall session meets Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 to 2:30pm beginning November 2nd.

  • Tuesday, August 16, 8-9:30 pm EDT (Eastern U.S.)

  • Tuesday, August 23, 8-9:30 pm EDT

  • Tuesday, August 30, 8-9:30 pm EDT

  • Tuesday, September 6, 8-9:30 pm EDT

  • Tuesday, September 13, 8-9:30 pm EDT

Course objectives

Through your participation in this course, you will:

  • Master

    Master specific words and phrases that have always given you trouble.

  • Expand

    Expand your awareness and use of word-level and phrase-level stress.

  • Improve

    Improve your perception and production of the vowel sounds of English.

  • Learn

    Learn powerful strategies for life-long pronunciation mastery.

  • Increase

    Increase your overall confidence in knowing how spoken English works.

Course activities

Each week, participants will explore:

  • Pronunciation skills: vowel sounds, stress, rhythm, consonants, etc.

  • Conversation tasks: speaking spontaneously on a familiar topic and receiving real-time feedback and private coaching

  • Functional tasks: telling a story, giving a presentation, telling a joke

  • Daily practice with the Premium Blue Canoe app for improved pronunciation

  • Weekly pronunciation homework tasks that you submit via video to your pronunciation coach, who provides detailed feedback

Your instructors

Jennifer Campion

Color Vowel® Master Trainer

Jennifer Campion began teaching English over 35 years ago as a Peace Corps Volunteer and subsequently as an observer and trainer in Morocco. After returning to the U.S., Jennifer worked as a documentation specialist for a civil engineering firm and for NASA’s Office of Space Flight. She returned to ESL instruction in 2003 as an adjunct in the American Culture and Language Institute at Northern Virginia Community College. Inspired after attending a 3-day Color Vowel phonology retreat in 2016, Jennifer became a Color Vowel Trainer in 2018. She now works as Business Manager at ELTS. Jennifer holds a B.A. in French from Lynchburg College and an M.A. in TESOL from American University.

Karen Taylor

Director, ELTS

Karen Taylor co-founded ELTS in 2011 in response to a popular demand for the Color Vowel® Chart, a teaching tool she created in 1999. She holds an MA in TESOL from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey and a BA in English Literature from Georgetown University, as well as an International Baccalaureate from the United World College (US campus). A former Fulbright TEFL Specialist, Karen was the Practitioner in Residence at American University for nine years. She received Ed Tech’s 2020 Visionary Leader award for her work as Head of Education at Blue Canoe Learning Inc.

What previous participants are saying

“Thanks for creating such a positive environment where I was able to put forth my doubts without any hesitation.”

Vin Pic • India

“I appreciate the efforts that the coaches have put into helping me develop my pronunciation in a very easy and fun way. The feedback was very helpful and during the group time in the week's lessons, they were very committed to working with us.”

Aida Ali • Palestine

“Thanks for helping me to learn English. I want to shout to the whole world to hear how happy I am!”

Gilson Lopes, EFL Teacher • Brazil

Speak Confidently! was so powerful for me. My native language is Spanish, and in this course, I discovered new things about English pronunciation that are so important. The teachers were amazing and very supportive. I highly recommend this course!”

Gabriella Properzi, ESOL Instructor • Texas, USA

Course curriculum

    1. How to Join Our Group in the Flip App

    2. How to Complete Video Assignments

    3. How to Record Your Video Responses

    4. Practice Task: Introduce Yourself!

    1. Zoom and YouTube Playlist Links

    2. Color Vowel Organizer Spreadsheet

    3. Akeelah and the Bee: "Our deepest fear ..."

    4. Scripps National Spelling Bee 2022 Quarterfinals

    5. Akeelah and the Bee (2006)

    1. Task #1 : Advice for facing a challenge

    2. Task #2: The Vowel Sounds of English

    3. Student Information Form

    1. Speak Easy: In class

    2. Task #3 : Repeat Your In-class Speak Easy Talk (What do you have a fear of?)

    3. Task #4: Our Deepest Fear (Part One)

    1. Week 3 Speak Easy: In class

    2. Task #5 : Repeat Your Week 3 Speak Easy Talk (What are your strengths?)

    3. Task #6: Our Deepest Fear (Part One) Repeat

    1. Week 4 Speak Easy: In class

    2. Task #7: Repeat Your Week 3 Speak Easy Talk (Who is your role model?)

    3. Task #8: Our Deepest Fear (Part Two)

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