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Teaching the Color Vowel® way means becoming aware of how we actually understand each other in English. With this foundation in phonological awareness, Color Vowel teachers learn how to engage learners in powerful brain-based activities that enable them to master the prosody of English, its unique stress-based rhythm, and its peak vowel sounds, or Color Vowels.

Start with our asynchronous Color Vowel® Basics course or get the complete Level 1 experience with a bundle of the Basics AND the Level 1 live training and Technique Practicum course.

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What Teachers are Saying

“Upon discovering Color Vowel®, I was never able to “unhear” it. In a world in which we depend so much on technology for answers, it is liberating to have a mental tool which instantly aids in mastering the sounds of English.”

Mariah Schuemann, University of Miami (FL)

“The Color Vowel® Chart provides an anchor that lets students produce and make sense of sounds even when they're not able to fully, consciously explain a certain pronunciation. It's a thread that I've carried through my teaching career since 2008 and it just works.”

Megan Calvert, Montgomery College (MD)

“The Color Vowel® Chart makes it easy to remember the essential English vowels and helps us notice how to shape our mouth and jaw to produce the sounds of English.”

Nao Matsuda, Blue Canoe Pronunciation Trainer (Japan)

“Color Vowel® lifts the lid on the secrets of spoken English and gives learners clear, understandable, and effective tools for rapid improvement. It's simple, powerful, and approachable way to tackle some of the hardest aspects of teaching English.”

Laura McIndoo, Central New Mexico Community College (NM)

“For me, the concept of long and short vowels never really worked. The Color Vowel® Approach gives me a set of accurate, non-technical vocabulary with which I can use to communicate with my students in a way that accesses multiple parts of their brain in order for them to perceive sounds that are not in their native language.”

Samantha Parkes, US State Department Specialist

“The Color Vowel® Chart is deeper than it looks. The more phonological awareness a teacher has, the more that teacher can help learners develop their own phonological awareness.”

Ginessa Payne, Center for Teaching Excellence, Texas A&M University (TX)

“The Color Vowel® Approach enables me to fine-tune individual and group instruction because I have a way of assessing their language needs better. It helps learners to access vocabulary with greater precision.”

Kristyl Boies, K-12 Specialist, Steamboat Springs Public Schools (CO)

“By providing us with a vocabulary to talk with students about sounds in English, the Color Vowel® Chart opens the doors to examining all of the most important aspects of English, including stress, intonation, spelling, irregular verbs, and lexical chunks.”

Rebecca Wilner, American University and DC Public Schools (DC)

“The Color Vowel® Approach is a ground-breaking way to learn vocabulary by focusing on stressed vowel sounds. Understanding that is key to developing an accessible, working vocabulary.”

Robert Gole, Maryland

“I love the Color Vowel® Approach because it is compelling, accessible, and based in the science of learning according to how we process language in the brain. It gives learners a tangible system to hear the sounds of English through tools that help them overcome interference with their L1 in a fun and engaging way.”

Chelsea Olsen, Marinette School District (MI)

Who We Are

English Language Training Solution (ELTS) is a leader in the field of TESOL and is the exclusive provider of Color Vowel® professional training and instructional materials. Collaborations with  the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Peace Corps, TESOL, Intercambio Uniting Communities, the Washington Literacy Center, and Blue Canoe Learning have made Color Vowel® a respected name in English language education.


Our Mission

ELTS is dedicated to providing schools, teachers, learners, and communities with powerful, brain-based tools and strategies that support English language teaching, learning, proficiency, curiosity, and awareness for a more productive, communicative, and equitable society.

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