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Our FREE online pronunciation workout is free on Zoom and takes place twice a month.

Sessions happen on the first Tuesday (at noon Eastern U.S. time) and on the third Thursday (at 10:00pm Eastern U.S. time).

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Speak English with fluency and confidence

Use Color Vowel®'s brain-based techniques to improve your spoken English


  • What is a Pure English Practice workout?

    Pure Practice combines rhythmic speaking exercises with gestures, music, and the Color Vowel® Chart to provide you with a 30 to 45-minute unique brain-based experience that boosts your language awareness and increases your English-speaking confidence.

  • How often does Pure English Practice meet?

    Pure English Practice happens each month on the 1st Tuesday at noon ET (Eastern U.S. timezone) and on the 3rd Thursday at 10:00 p.m. ET.

    Be sure to double check the time difference with your timezone as the sessions may happen on Wednesday or Friday where you live.

    We start promptly. Sessions are recorded and posted to our YouTube channel.

  • What happens in Pure English Practice?

    We start each session with a warm-up and introduction to the Color Vowel® Chart for newcomers.

    Then Karen Taylor leads the group in the 20 to 25-minute Pure English Practice workout.

    Afterwards, there's time for questions from participants.

  • Do I have to know about Color Vowels already?

    Newcomers are welcome; no prior English study experience is necessary, though the workouts are usually appropriate for learners at an intermediate level or above. No experience with Color Vowels is needed either.

  • What does it cost?

    Pure English Practice is free!

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